Dedicated in the Practice & Promotion of Responsible Forestry


Regarding Eccles

We love the importance of trees.

 ECCLES is profoundly dedicated to ‘the bush’ and continues to demonstrate a core commitment to woodlot landowners.  Practical advice comes from a lifetime of being ROOTED and GROUNDED in the woods.  Proven leaders in responsible forestry.  

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Sustainable Forestry

Tulip tree regeneration in Grey-Bruce. Seeding in from plantation thinning.

Professional forester and responsible harvesting! Providing sustainable forest management. The ART and SCIENCE of protecting and preserving natural wooded ecosystems.  As a practitioner of responsible forestry, focusing and understanding the symbiotic relationship between the forest and long-term investment values is imperative for the overall health of the timber and welfare of the owner.  

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Managed Forest Tax Incentives

Forest Bathing! Enjoying the forest from God's point of view!

 Through the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP), landowners who have their property classified as  ‘Managed Forest’ pay 25% of the municipal tax rate set for residential properties.

By providing you with a managed forest plan, approval and submission we help you lower taxes. 

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Modern afforestation methods with decades of tree planting experience.

 By planting trees, we can increase the value of your land, improve the quality of your soil, sustain wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy all the while increasing forest cover in Ontario.  

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Plantation Management

Understanding the important contribution trees make to our lives and environment.

Why manage?  As plantations grow to be approximately thirty years old, the density grows close to the carrying capacity of the stand.  Soil, nutrients, sunlight and water determine how much solid wood per acre can be sustained.  When the stand gets to this point of maximum carrying capacity you will start to notice many trees within the plantation stunted or dying.

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Come Walk in the Woods

The forest is very inviting. Take a walk in the woods with us!

Join us for a walk in the woods. We will show you what we do! 

We are first in the bush managing your property, whether it is marking for harvest, mapping trails, enhancing wildlife or expert advice we are also last in the bush harvesting your woodlot using our own qualified, reliable  and insured woodlands crews.  

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