Jim Eccles, OPFA Associate Forester, Forestry Consultant

As a leader in forestry and stewards of God's resources, our primary mission is to glorify God by managing forests for the magnificence of His creation.  To accomplish this, we serve our landowners by being: 

 1.   Humble and honest, with integrity provide our clients the best service. 

2.   Informative and educational, with years of experience sharing with others. 

3.   Diligent, adhering to core principals of responsible & sustainable forestry. 

4.   Accountable, because one day, we will give an account.  (Matt 25:14-30; 1 Cor 3:11-15)

We endeavour to cast this vision with integrity to those investing in our services. 

Stewards of the Forest


Jim Eccles

Devoted to educating the landowner for over 35 years, Jim is committed to private woodlot planning, marking and management.  Jim is an Ontario Professional Associate Forester #1932, an MNRF Ontario Certified Tree Marker Level 2 Auditor #159 and MNRF Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plan Approver #120. He has been employed with the MNRF as a Wildland Fire Ranger and Forest Technician, with J. H. Keeso & Sons as their timber procurement manager and has managed his own consulting businesses, now operating Eccles Forestry Ltd. With J.H. Keeso & Sons Ltd. he was instrumental in introducing landowners, government & business in Southern Ontario to  FSC certified standards of management. Jim's goal in your woodlot is to manage for high quality forest values enabling him to return on a ten year rotation. This allows for improved environmental stability, higher economic returns, as well as recreational & wildlife habitat enhancements. In short,  we treat your woodlot as if it were our own. 

William Eccles

From a young age William has been ROOTED & GROUNDED in the woods. He loved accompanying his Grandfather trapping, sugaring with the family, enjoying recreational activities and especially joining the business on adventures at work! William has grown up in the woods! After experiencing life as a Fire Ranger throughout Canada and in the USA, William completed his Forest Technician at Sir Sanford Fleming and is currently acquiring his Associate Forester status. 


For over 36 years, Jim Eccles, OPFA Associate Forester,  has responsibly tended timberland investments for clients who expect solid economic performance & strong commitments to natural resource stewardship & the support of local communities.