Rooted and Grounded in the bush!

Forestry process

Marking responsible forestry according to MNRF GLSL sustainability & management guidelines

  1. Site visit include landowner objectives, stand inventory, expert advice including # of trees marked with estimated volumes tally.
  2. Marking responsible forestry according to MNRF Great Lakes-St. Lawrence sustainability & management guidelines
  3. Complete all forms pertaining to bylaws in all areas of government 
  4. Note we WILL NOT mark according to circumference or diameter harvesting even if it is legal in the county. 

Harvesting process

Site visit, objectives, stand inventory, expert advice, # of trees marked, estimated volume tally.

  1. Experienced in harvesting in the bush for over thirty five years. 
  2. Harvesting using our own qualified, careful, reliable and insured woodlands crews.
  3. Professionals in the field of forestry

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

Eccles Forestry is a certified plan approver for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.

Land Tax Rebate

Through the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP), landowners who have their property classified as 'Managed Forest' pay 25% of the municipal tax rate set for residential properties.  To participate in this program give us a call and we will assist you in managing your forestland.

What We Can Do For YOU!

Eccles Forestry will complete an educational site visit, stand inventory and plan development according to your objectives as well as meeting all the requirements of the Managed Forest Tax Program.  As certified plan approver, we then  submit  your plan to the MNRF.  Included in your plan is stand analysis, aerial mapping, species at risk and Natural Heritage information.  Call us for more information.  

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Plantation management stage growth chart with Eccles Forestry Ltd.

Plantation Management

Why Manage?

Thinning removes approximately thirty percent of the density usually targeting poor quality and unhealthy trees for removal.  The better quality trees are retained and allowed to grow and develop. The first thinning usually removes every fourth row plus poor quality trees in the remaining three rows. Subsequent thinnings occur on an approximate ten year cycle retaining the best quality trees evenly spaced throughout the stand thereby maximizing stand economics and quality with each thinning. 

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Give us a call for more information on your plantation or to arrange a educational tour of plantation management. 

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Plantation & Education

Thinning your woodlot!

Looking Good! 

Tree Planting Initiatives

Rooted and Grounded!

By planting  trees, you can increase the value of your land, improve the quality of your soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy - all the while increasing forest cover in Ontario.

Forests Ontario 50 Million Tree Planting Program

Subsidy of $1.50 per tree with a minimum planting area of 1 hectare (2.5 ac) of open or mostly open area

We help you meet your goals & objectives

  •  Site assessment, tree species selection, cost analysis! 
  • Hand and/or machine planting
  • Planting quality assessment, survival assessments for 1,2 & 5 years.

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